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Clean Surface Protein Ultra Protein and allergens test which detects left behind residual on the instruments, surfaces, endoscop.. Product #: 82202

Clean Surface Protein Ultra

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- Accurate results in 10 seconds

- No incubation required

- Clear colour change

- Easy to use

- No test more sensitive, detection limit 0.1 ug of residue

- Cost effective

- Shelf life up to 2 years – when refrigerated

The Clean Surface Protein Ultra protein and allergens test is a rapid test that has the ability to detect residual proteins and allergens left behind on the surfaces of hard to clean laboratory, medical, dental and surgical instruments and surfaces. An easy to read colour change gives you your final result within 10 seconds. Clean Surface Protein Ultra is suitable for use with washer surfaces, instruments, equipment.

Each kit contains either 25, 50 or 100 tests



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