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Karyoprep CellBox Designed to make the lives of laboratory staff safer and easier, KaryoPrep CellBox vial is supplied .. Product #: 70153

Karyoprep CellBox

Product Code: 70153
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Vials are available in 10 ml, 20ml fills, packed in convenient trays, complete with relevant safety material safety data sheet. They are batch numbered for extra security. The KaryoPrep CellBox eliminates the possibility of leakage during transport, giving laboratories the peace of mind that a sample will reach its destination safely and correctly fixed.

Key Benefits:

• Quantity: 17

• Leak tight lid ensures safe transport and storage of specimens

• Pre-filled with buffered Formalin or Formal Saline reduces your exposure to Formalin fumes

• Batch numbered for full traceability

• Range of sizes available

Product Tolerance:

• Formaldehyde content to within + or -0.2%

• Specific gravity to within + or -0.03%

• pH to within + or -0.1% on Neutral Buffered Formalin and + or -0.75% on Formalin Saline



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