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Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant found in extra virgin olive oil. Like other antioxidants, polyphenols help combat oxidative stress and can contribute to the prevention of diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. Additionally, polyphenols possess anti-aging and powerful anti-inflammatory properties. A recent study revealed that extra virgin olive oil contains a specific phenol compound called oleocanthal, which acts similarly to the substance ibuprofen in the body. This suggests the potential for olive oil to help reduce the risk
of stroke. It is believed that consuming two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil a day is sufficient to provide these anti-inflammatory benefits. Several factors influence the polyphenol content in olive oil. Earlyharvested (unripe) olives typically contain more polyphenols than late harvested (ripe) olives. Furthermore, the aging process and the preservation of olive oil affect its polyphenol content; poorly preserved or aged oils tend to have fewer polyphenols due to oxidation. Finally, the quality of the olive oil itself matters—the more processed it is, the lower its phenol content will be.

Suggested use:
The Elean Morian D1 kit, developed by MenidiMedica Biotech Greece, is a rapid and straightforward semi-quantitative tool designed for the measurement of oleacrine and oleocanthal in olive oil. The kit includes all the essential materials to conduct 10 tests.

Method principle:
In an olive oil sample, Oleasin and oleocanthal undergo a biochemical reaction with the provided reagents, resulting in the production of distinct color shades. The observed color shades, along with their corresponding color range, serve as indicators of the concentration of oleazine and oleocanthal in the olive oil, expressed in mg/L.

Materials enclosed in the kit:
– 10x Substrate A reagent
– 10x Starting Reagent B
– 10x Finishing Reagent C
– 1x Sample Dispenser
– 1x Colour Scale Tab

The kit should be stored at room temperature (18-30°C). It is important to avoid high temperatures and exposure to sunlight. Refrigeration of the kit is not recommended.

Method Procedure:
1. Open vials A and B.
2. Pour the contents of vial B into vial A.
3. Close the cap on vial A.
4. Gently shake vial A for 5 seconds to achieve homogenization.
5. Collect a sample of olive oil with the dosing device.
6. Open vial A.
7. Pour a drop of olive oil into vial A.
8. Close vial A and shake gently for 5 seconds to achieve
9. Wait for 3 minutes.
10. Open vials A and C.
11. Pour the contents of vial C into vial A.
12. Close the cap of vial A.
13. Gently shake vial A for 5 minutes to achieve homogenization.
14. Wait for an additional 5 minutes.
15. Contrast the color result of vial A with the provided color scale tab.

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