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KaryoPrep Solution for Fixation

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KaryoPrep Solution for Fixation is the fixative liquid specially dedicated to the preservation of cytological samples. It is designed, developed and produced by MenidiMedica Greece and it can be used with all kinds of biological samples. KaryoPrep Solution for Fixation is designed for use with the manual method introduced by MenidiMedica or with MenidiMedica LBC system or other commercial processors. It serves as a transport, preservative, and antibacterial medium for the processed biological samples, including certain tests for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and other sexually transmitted infections.

It has no haemolytic activity in order to ensure conservation of red blood cells, eventually present in urinary samples, to make them visible and diagnosable by the pathologist during the specimen analysis. In case the user wishes elimination of mucus or red blood cells (absence of
artifacts), KaryoPrep RBC Lytic Reagent must be applied to the KaryoPrep Solution for Fixation.

KaryoPrep Solution for Fixation is a saline solution based on ethanol, which ensures the perfect cytological material fixation and a safe operator’s handling at the same time. It
guarantees the morphological preservation of cytological samples for at least 5 years at room temperature. The genetic material of the collected samples is stored and available for molecular biology in-depth analysis, up until 5 years after collection.

For optimal samples fixation, it is recommended to use unexpired vials of KaryoPrep Solution for Fixation. The vials are ready-to-use and are stable for 60 months at room temperature.

Karyoprep Solution for fixation is supplied in different packaging, ranging from 10 mL. prefilled collection vials, to 1 or 5 Lt. – bottles approved for air transport.

The vials are made of a special transparent plastic material, characterized by peculiar optical transmittance technical specifications, allowing them to be used with the MenidiMedica LBC fitting system and with various other platform systems.

The 1 Lt – formats are supplied in HDPE plastic material bottles. HDPE material, certified by the provider, is free of BPA, phthalates and latex and does not contain or contains less than the 0.1|% of substances that can be defined as ”high concern”, identified as SVHC and listed in the candidates list in the XIV REACH annex.

The 5 Lt – formats are provided in stackable plastic tanks, UN/ADR approved for land, air and sea transport of dangerous liquid products, according to UN Legislation.



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