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FastCheck Aldehyde Detection Kit

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The FastCheck Aldehyde Detection Kit provides a quick, convenient, and accurate method to detect aldehydes in alcoholic beverages. Utilizing the Color Activator reagent, this kit is designed for use by both professionals in the food and beverage industry and enthusiasts at home who seek to ensure the quality of their alcoholic beverages.
Principle of Method
The FastCheck Aldehyde Detection Kit employs a colorimetric assay that specifically reacts with aldehydes. The color activator reagent turns pink in the presence of aldehydes. This change in color is a direct
indication of the presence of aldehydes in the tested sample.
Contents in kit
Ref.No: AA100001
Shelf-Life: 24 months at RT
Color Activator R: 3×10 mL.
Application Procedure
1.Sample Preparation:
– If testing spirits or high-proof alcoholic beverages, dilute the sample with ethanol to achieve a 40% alcohol by volume concentration.
– Transfer the sample into a test tube,filling it up to the 2 mL mark.
2.Adding Color Activator R:
– Add 0.25 mL. of color activator R to the sample in the test tube.
– Gently swirl the test tube to mix the contents.
– Allow the mixture to stand for 5 minutes.
– Observe the color of the solution. A change to pink or magenta indicates the presence of aldehydes.
Important Notes
– Perform the test in a well-ventilated area and wear protective equipment as necessary.
– The test is qualitative and designed for the detection of aldehydes. It does not quantify their concentration.
– Store the kit in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Safety and Disposal
Please handle all chemicals with care and follow local regulations for disposal. The kit components should be disposed of responsibly after use.



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