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Qualitative detection of starch in foods

Starch is the major energetic source in the human diet. It is contained in various staple foods such as cereals, legumes, root vegetables, fruits, trees, plants. Starch determination is essential in several food and feed industries, in phytology and in forestry, animal food industry.

Key features
Safe – Non-radioactive assay
Sensitive and accurate – Detects easily the presence of starch in pretreated liquid suspensions
Limit of detection 0.02%

Total Starch Qualitative determination in animal feeds, pet foods, beans, cereals, grains, vegetables, trees, plants, milk, cheese

Kit contents
R, 1 x 10 mL.
24 months at 2-8C, 6 months at RT

Sample preparation and procedure (for milk)
1. Collect 5 mL. of milk in a test tube.
2. Bring to boil and allow the test tube to cool up to room temperature.
3. Add 2 drops of reagent R to the test tube.

Red/ Orange = Absence of starch.
Blue/ Black = Presence of starch.



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