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Presentation: 75300-10:10mL. 75300-20:20mL. 75300-50:50mL. 75300-100:100mL. Description: - E read more →
Ref.No.: 70997
Ref. Number: 70996
Ref.No.: 70420 - Gill I, 70421 - Gill II, 70422 - Gill III
Τροποποιημένη αιματοξυλίνη κατά Harris για έντονη οπισθοδρομική πυρηνική χρώση στην ιστοπαθολογία. Κατάλληλη και για προοδευτική χρώση.

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Furfural Detection Kit Rapid

Product Description The Furfural Detection Kit Rapid provides a rapid, sensitive, and easy-to-use method for detecting the presence of furfural in alcoholic beverages. Utilizing the specific chemical reaction between furfural and color activator under acidic conditions, this kit allows for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of furfural, helping manufacturers ensure the quality and safety of their products. Principle of Method This kit is based on the condensation reaction between furfural and color activator in the presence of an acid catalyst. When furfural, a potential spoilage indicator in alcoholic beverages, reacts with phloroglucinol, a colored complex is formed. The intensity of this color, measurable by spectrophotometry, is directly proportional to the furfural concentration in the sample. Contents of Kit Ref.No FA100002 Shelf-Life and Storage 24 months at RT -Color Activator R1, 5x10 mL.. -Acid Catalyst R2, 5x10 mL. Required but Not Provided - Spectrophotometer capable of measuring absorbance at 520-550 nm - Water bath capable of maintaining 70°C - Timer - Distilled or deionized water Application Procedure 1.Sample Preparation: - Dilute the alcoholic beverage sample 1:10 with distilled or deionized water to reduce alcohol content. 2.Reaction Setup: - In a test tube, combine 0.5 mL of diluted sample, 0.5 mL of color activator R1, and 0.5 mL of Acid Catalyst R2. 3.Incubation: - Heat the mixture in a water bath at 70°C for 10 minutes. - Allow the tube to cool to room temperature. Measurement: - Transfer the reaction mixture to a cuvette. - Measure the absorbance at the appropriate wavelength (520-550 nm) using the spectrophotometer. Furfural Quantification: - Use the Furfural Standard Solution to create a calibration curve. - Compare the absorbance of your sample to the calibration curve to determine the furfural concentration. Safety Information - Handle all reagents with care; wear appropriate protective equipment (gloves, goggles). - The Acid Catalyst R2 is corrosive; avoid contact with skin and eyes. - Follow local regulations for disposal of chemical waste. Storage Conditions - Store the kit at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. - Ensure reagents are tightly sealed when not in use. Warranty and Disclaimer This product is guaranteed to perform as described when used as directed. Liability is limited to product replacement or refund. No responsibility is assumed for any loss or damage resulting from improper use or handling. For technical support and further information, contact our customer service department. This leaflet provides essential information for the use of the Furfural Detection Kit Rapid. Ensure all users read and understand these instructions before proceeding with the analysis. FURFURAL RAPID ENG PDF


DESCRIPTION: Kastelani is a combined preparation with the properties of an antiseptic with an antifungal effect. PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTION: Kastelani substances have a wide spectrum of antiseptic and antifungal effects in case of damage to the skin and mucous membranes of the patient by infectious and fungal diseases. FORM OF RELEASE: Kastelani is available as a solution for external use by the patient. The composition of Kastelani includes: phenol, resorcinol, boric acid basic fuchsin. INDICATIONS OF USE: According to the instructions to Kastelani, it is used to treat and prevent skin diseases and their damage. For example, Kastelani's testimony tells us that the reagent is justified in case of abrasions, fungus, ulcers, cracks, surface wounds, pyoderma, erosion in the patient. HOW TO USE: According to the instructions to Kastelani, it must be applied externally. The solution is applied to the affected skin with a cotton swab or a stick 2 to 4 times a day. After drying Kastelani on the skin, you can apply additional medicines in the form of ointments or pastes. SIDE EFFECTS: According to reviews on Kastelani, the reagent can cause various allergic reactions, dermatitis, burning sensation and pain, visual impairment, and also addictive effect, as a result of which Kastelani ceases to have a therapeutic effect on the affected skin. Also, the use of Kastelani is not recommended for a large area of the skin, since it is possible to overdose with phenol, which has the property of actively evaporating from the surface of the skin after application, easily penetrates the blood and can cause dizziness, weakness, breathing disorder, sudden changes in blood pressure. CONTRAINDICATIONS: The use of Kastelani is not possible in cases of hypersensitivity to Kastelani components, detection of a tendency in the patient for increased skin sensitivity, allergic reaction to the drug, chronic dermatoses. LIMITATIONS: Kastelani's instructions prohibit the use of the reagent for pregnant and lactating women. Also, you should be careful when applying Kastelani on the mucous membranes, as it is possible to get chemical burns and irritation. It is also not recommended to assign Kastelani to patients under the age of 12 years. When applying Kastelani simultaneously with other drugs for external use, compounds with unpredictable skin effect can form. KASTELANI REAGENT

25% Aluminum Sulfate Solution

Presentation: 75300-10:10mL. 75300-20:20mL. 75300-50:50mL. 75300-100:100mL. Description: - Excellent retraction, hemostatic control and tissue rigidity - 25% Aluminum Sulfate Liquid - Special lubricating vehicle prevents adhesion between retraction cords or impression materials and the gingival tissue - Higher pH, less acidic aluminum chloride solutions - No adverse reaction to impression material 25% Aluminum Sulfate Solution

15.5% Ferric Sulfate Solution

Presentation: 75310-10:10mL. 75310-20:20mL. 75310-50:50mL. 75310-100:100mL. Overview: An aqueous based 15.5% Ferric Sulfate solution, which is excellent for soaking retraction cord, eliminating sulcular fluid contamination, aiding gingival retraction and reducing mucous membrane inflammation. 15.5% Ferric Sulfate solution achieves hemostasis in seconds! Description: It is intended for use in arresting various degrees of oral capillary bleeding or sulcular fluids during dental treatment as well as oral surgery—including fixed prosthodontics, restorative operative, and periodontal treatment. 15.5% Ferric Sulfate solution may also be used for retrofillings, tooth impactions, gingivectomies and as a “fixative” for pulpotomies. Indications for Use/Intended Purpose: For use in arresting oral capillary bleeding and/or sulcular fluids in restorative, operative, and surgical dentistry. 15.5% Ferric Sulfate Solution pdf


INTRODUCING VAGOHEALTH: THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR TRICHOMONIASIS Are you aware of Trichomoniasis? It's time to take control of your intimate health with VagoHealth – the revolutionary plant-based solution for the selective treatment of Trichomoniasis, a common sexually transmitted disease (STI). Don't let Trichomoniasis disrupt your intimate life; choose VagoHealth for a healthier, happier you! WHAT IS TRICHOMONAS VAGINALIS? Trichomonas Vaginalis is a parasitic protozoan responsible for Trichomoniasis, one of the most prevalent STIs globally. This microscopic parasite can affect both men and women, leading to various complications if left untreated. THE IMPACT ON MEN AND WOMEN: Trichomoniasis can cause severe health issues for both genders, including: For Women: - Grey or yellowish vaginal discharge - Vaginal bleeding - Genital burning and swelling - Frequent urination - Pain during intercourse - Increased risk of complications during pregnancy, such as premature delivery and low birth weight - Potential female sterilization For Men: - Urethral discharge - Burning during urination or after ejaculation - Frequent urination - Risk of male sterilization MAINTAIN YOUR VAGINAL PH BALANCE A healthy vaginal pH level should ideally be between 3.8 and 4.5, similar to the pH of a tomato. Many women unknowingly disrupt this balance by using soaps for vaginal cleaning, leading to a host of issues. THE IMPORTANCE OF VAGINAL FLORA A balanced vaginal flora dominated by acidophilic lactobacillus and bifidus lactobacillus can protect against infections of the reproductive system. These beneficial bacteria act as a defense against harmful invaders like Neisseria Gonorrhea, Gardnerella Vaginalis, and Trichomonas Vaginalis. Over 50% of women with bacterial vaginosis experience recurrences. DON'T LET TRICHOMONIASIS COMPROMISE YOUR HEALTH! WHY CHOOSE VAGOHEALTH? MenidiMedica Biotech Greece, the Faculty of Public Health at the University of West Attica, and the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunology at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras present VagoHealth, a plantbased formulation designed to selectively treat Trichomoniasis within just 48 hours. Our plant based product is laboratory-tested and proven to eliminate Trichomonas Vaginalis without disrupting the natural vaginal flora. VagoHealth offers a revolutionary solution for the selective treatment of Trichomoniasis. Here's why you should consider it: - Swift Elimination: VagoHealth is designed to eradicate Trichomonas Vaginalis within 48 hours, providing rapid relief and peace of mind. - Preserves Vaginal Flora: Unlike some treatments that disrupt the natural vaginal flora, VagoHealth has been meticulously formulated to protect it. It won't harm the beneficial bacteria that help maintain a healthy pH level. - Easy to Use: Our VagoHealth plant-based kit make treatment a breeze. JOIN THE MOVEMENT FOR BETTER VAGINAL HEALTH Did you know that 42% of women claim they were never taught how to take care of their vaginal hygiene? With VagoHealth, you can take control of your intimate health and maintain a balanced vaginal flora to protect against infections. HOW TO USE VAGOHEALTH - Collect a sample from the vaginal or urethral area. - Use the VagoCheck kit for quick identification. - Apply VagoHealth topically as directed by your physician, urologist, or gynecologist in accordance with the prescribed treatment regimen, which may extend up to 48 hours SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN RESULTS In a laboratory study conducted in collaboration with MenidiMedica Biotech Greece, the Faculty of Public Health at the University of West Attica, and the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunology at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras, VagoHealth effectively eliminated Trichomonas Vaginalis within 48 hours, while preserving normal vaginal flora. Results: - 24 Hours: Trichomoniasis cells in the control medium: 1,700,000 cells. With VagoHealth: 30,000 cells. - 48 Hours: Trichomoniasis cells in the control medium: 1,300,000 cells. With VagoHealth: Eliminated! CHOOSE VAGOHEALTH FOR A HEALTHIER YOU! VAGOHEALTH COMMERCIAL LEAFLET ENG PDF


Your Solution for Persistent Bacterial Vaginal Infections. - Reagent in 10 mL. Single Dose in packages of 5x10 mL. and 10x10 mL. - Ref. Number: 70996-5, 70996-10 “Experience Relief and Well-Being” What is a Bacterial Vaginal Infection? Bacterial vaginal infections are common health issues affecting women of all ages. They occur when the delicate balance of bacteria in the vaginal area is disrupted,leading to discomfort and unpleasant symptoms. Such infections are typically caused by an overgrowth of harmful bacteria, and they can result in: - Itching and Irritation - Abnormal Vaginal Discharge - Burning Sensation - Unpleasant Odor If left untreated, bacterial vaginal infections can lead to more serious complications, including: - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) - Recurrent Infections - Premature Birth (in pregnant women) “Introducing VagoClean - Your Solution!” Easy-to-Use Kit VagoClean, a product of MenidiMedica Biotech Greece, is here to help you take control of your vaginal health. Our 10 mL single-dose reagent offers a convenient and effective solution for cases where traditional therapeutic treatments have not yielded the desired results. How It Works 1. Immerse the content of the monoreagent in sterile gauze provided. 2. Gently insert the sterile gauze into the vagina for local washing. 3. Leave it in for 1 minute. 4. Remove the sterile gauze. If symptoms of bacterial infection persist, repeat the medical procedure after 8 calendar days with VagoClean for comprehensive relief. Benefits of VagoClean - Fast and Effective Relief - Maintains Vaginal Balance - Easy-to-Use Kit - Sterile and Safe - Supports Your Well-Being VagoClean is intended for use by gynecologists only. It is a specialized product designed to address bacterial vaginal infections in a clinical setting under the guidance of healthcare professionals. Please consult with your gynecologist for proper usage and treatment. VagoClean Commercial Leaflet ENG pdf


THE FUTURE OF ORAL HEALTH: UNIQUE RAPID CARIES DETECTION TEST JOIN THE ‘BETTER ORAL HEALTH MOVEMENT FOR ALL’ The majority of participants in our clinical trial (90%) recognised the importance of early detection of caries. Boost your oral health and enjoy a healthier smile. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR ORAL HEALTH Globally, in 2019, 3.09 billion new cases of caries in permanent teeth were recorded (an increase of 48.00%), as well as 2.03 billion existing cases of caries (an increase of 46.07%), compared to 1990. Among adolescents aged 12 to 19 years, more than half (57%) had at least some dental decay from caries in their permanent teeth. In adults aged 20 years and older, 90% had at least one dental decay from dental caries. EARLY DETECTION FOR A HEALTHIER SMILE Tooth decay is a silent threat to your oral health, but with our revolutionary TETHYS rapid caries detection test, you can now detect it early and take control of your dental wellbeing. WHY CHOOSE THE RAPID CARIES DETECTION TEST? Product of cooperation between MenidiMedica Biotech Greece and the University of West Attica. TETHYS diagnostic test for valid, early detection of dental caries, ensuring oral hygiene. - Fast and reliable: you get results within minutes, allowing early detection of caries even in its early stages. - Accurate: Our test has high sensitivity and specificity, ensuring accurate detection of caries. - Convenient: No invasive procedures or specialized equipment are required. A simple swab and a vial is all that is needed. - Safe: The test is safe and non-invasive, making it suitable for all ages. - Proven results: Backed by clinical trials, our test has shown excellent performance. HOW IT WORKS? - Open the sterile wooden swab. - Brush your teeth as usual. - Open the vial of single reagent and rinse the head of the swab in the vial. - Break off the wooden swab head and place it in the vial - Close the vial and shake gently for 5 seconds. - Place the vial in your pocket for 30 minutes. - Check for a colour change in the reagent: a. Magenta for a positive result. Have caries in progress b. Pink or transparent clear for a positive result. You have caries and a decaying tooth c. Purple for a negative result. You do not have caries DETECT-PREVENT-RESIST Don't let tooth decay develop into a painful problem. With the TETHYS quick caries test, you take control of your oral health in your own hands. CLINICAL TRIAL RESULTS - Sensitivity: 98,39% - Specificity: 100.00% - Positive predictive value (PPV): 100.00% - Negative predictive value (NPV): 99.19% - Accuracy: 99.46% tethys eng pdf


LIGHT BLUE FIXATIVE AND DECALCIFYING SOLUTION - IDEAL FOR BONE AND HARD TISSUE IN HISTOLOGY INTRODUCTION In the field of histology, the microscopic analysis of bone and hard tissue samples is essential for medical research and diagnosis. To achieve accurate results, it is crucial to conduct decalcification of these samples. OsteoCal Mild Blue is the solution you need for efficient and precise decalcification. THE DECALCIFICATION PROCESS Decalcification is the process of removing calcium from bone and hard tissue, allowing for further microscopic analysis. The duration of decalcification varies based on the sample's size and density. OsteoCal Mild Blue, containing inorganic hydrochloric acid, rapidly softens the tissue and prepares it for analysis. This solution is suitable for bone, teeth, and keratinized tissue samples such as filiform warts and nails. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - OSTEOCAL MILD BLUE: Light blue fixative and decalcifying solution for bone and hard tissue in histology. Contains formaldehyde and hydrochloric acid. - Other Compatible Reagents: Explore our range of complementary products, including fixatives, dehydrating agents, clearing agents, infiltration agents, immersion media, staining reagents, and more. PREPARING THE SAMPLE FOR DECALCIFICATION 1. Fixation: Ensure the tissue sample is properly fixated. 2. Immerse: Place the tissue sample into OsteoCal Mild Blue for complete decalcification. DECALCIFICATION GUIDELINES Bone, Teeth, Hard Tissue: Duration: 6-8 hours for a 1 x 1 x 0.3 cm bone (e.g., femur). Mildly Calcified Tissue (e.g., blood vessels): Duration: 30-60 minutes. Keratinized Tissue (e.g., nails, filiform warts): Duration: 15-60 minutes with the cross-section oriented downward. ENSURING COMPLETION Use a needle to puncture an unimportant part of the sample to determine the end of the decalcification process. Incomplete decalcification can be supplemented by immersing the section in OsteoCal Mild Blue for 15-20 minutes, followed by rinsing with tap water. RESULTS Decalcified tissue will resemble cartilage, making it suitable for further histological procedures. NOTE Prolonged decalcification may negatively impact tissue morphology and limit subsequent nucleus staining. For immunohistological methods requiring intact blood antigens, consider using OsteoCal Yellow. USABILITY 30 ml of OsteoCal Mild Blue, enough to cover the entire section, is sufficient for 2 uses. Ensure the solution remains clear and uncontaminated. SAMPLE PREPARATION AND DIAGNOSTICS Follow proper sample collection and preparation techniques, use modern technology, and mark samples clearly. Only authorized and qualified personnel should conduct staining and diagnostics. SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Handle the product following safety and environmental protection guidelines. Dispose of used and expired solutions as special waste according to national guidelines. Adhere to safety measures for protecting human health. STORING AND EXPIRY Store OsteoCal Mild Blue in its original packaging at temperatures between +15°C to +25°C, avoiding freezing and direct sunlight. Refer to the product label for the date of manufacture and expiry date. Osteocal Mild Blue ENG PDF

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Kit

SPERM DNA FRAGMENTATION KIT UNLOCK THE FUTURE OF PARENTHOOD WITH SPERM DNA FRAGMENTATION KIT What is Sperm DNA Fragmentation Kit? The Sperm DNA Fragmentation technique can distinguish between functional and non-functional spermatozoa based on their DNA integrity, identifying which ones are viable for fertilization. This kit evolutionizes the assessment of sperm quality by complementing traditional sperm analysis. While conventional semen analysis focuses solely on sperm concentration, motility, and morphology, it overlooks a crucial parameter: the integrity of the DNA molecule. Interestingly, 15% of men classified as infertile have normal sperm analyses, underscoring the need for a more comprehensive evaluation. Sperm DNA fragmentation kit empowers medical professionals to make informed decisions about the most suitable assisted reproduction techniques for each couple. Employs a controlled DNA denaturation process to facilitate the removal of proteins from each spermatozoon. This method results in the formation of halos composed of DNA loops at the head of healthy sperm, a feature absent in sperm with damaged DNA. Key Features of Sperm DNA Fragmentation Kit - Easy & Quick Assessment: Say goodbye to complex laboratory equipment. Our kit provides a hassle-free, rapid measurement of Sperm DNA Fragmentation. - Comprehensive Insights: Complement traditional semen analysis with specific data on genetic material quality for a holistic evaluation. - Cost-Effective: Avoid expensive and frustrating IVF procedures. Assess Sperm DNA Fragmentation beforehand to guide fertility treatment. - Vital for Success: The integrity of paternal DNA is critical for both natural conception and assisted reproduction, ensuring the best chance of a viable pregnancy Who can use Sperm DNA Fragmentation Kit? Medical professionals rely on information provided by MenidiMedica Biotech solutions as an essential addition to the standard semen analysis when initiating treatment. Sperm DNA damage is a complex process influenced by various factors. Therefore, it is particularly recommended for the following groups: 1. Couples who have experienced recurrent miscarriages. 2. Couples facing unexplained infertility lasting more than six months. 3. Men aged over 40. 4. Individuals who frequently wear tight-fitting clothing. 5. Men with a history of cancer. 6. Men undergoing treatment with prescription medications. 7. Men exposed to harmful substances or toxins. 8. Men who have had urogenital infections. 9. Individuals with unhealthy lifestyle habits, including smoking, physical inactivity, poor dietary choices, or obesity. 10. Cases where the quality of embryos during subsequent cycles of egg donation is suboptimal. 11. Unexplained male infertility. Natural factors such as improper maturation and oxidative stress can lead to disruptions in spermatozoa production within the testicles, resulting in fertility challenges. Why Choose Sperm DNA Fragmentation Kit? - Accurate Evaluation: Obtain precise results with high-contrast halo images using standard bright-field microscopy after Wright staining. - Sperm Identification: Preserve sperm tails for easy differentiation from other cell types and identification of degraded sperm cells with varying halo sizes. - User-Friendly: A simple protocol involving acid treatment and lysis solution makes it easy to assess DNA integrity. - Functional vs. Non-Functional: Identify which spermatozoa are functional for fertilization and distinguish them from non-functional ones. How Does It Work? Our cutting-edge technique is based on the principle that sperm with fragmented DNA do not display the characteristic halo of dispersed DNA loops found in sperm with intact DNA after acid denaturation and nuclear protein removal. Fresh semen samples should be collected in a sterile recipient. The sperm DNA fragmentation assay should be performed immediately once the sperm sample has been obtained or thawed after cryopreservation. a. The spermatozoa are placed in an agarose microgel and evenly distributed onto a slide. b. The sample is subjected to acid denaturation and a lysis solution as part of the treatment process. c. After treatment, the sample undergoes dehydration, staining, and subsequent microscopic visualization for examination of fragmented and non-fragmented DNA. d. To calculate the percentage of sperm with fragmented DNA (SDF), count SDF sperm based on specified criteria and divide by the total sperm counted (N), then evaluate the SDF percentage in relation to established thresholds for SDF levels. Storage Conditions Upon receipt, please store the kit in a location with a temperature range between 2ºC and 30ºC, and ensure it is shielded from exposure to light. Once the kit is opened, it maintains stability for a period of 12 months. Description of kit reagents Every kit contains the necessary to perform 10 assays. The components are: - Agarose Tubes; 10 units - Denaturant Agent 1 mL screw tube - Lysis Solution, six 20 ml bottle each Sperm classification In each sample, a minimum of 300 spermatozoa should be counted, following the specified criteria for categorization: Spermatozoa without DNA fragmentation: - Spermatozoa with big halo: Sperm with halos whose width is equal to or greater than the diameter of the core (referred to as "Big halo"). - Spermatozoa with medium-sized halo: Sperm with halos sized between those with large halos and those with very small halos (referred to as "Medium halo"). - Others: Cells referred to as "others" that do not correspond to spermatozoa, distinguished by the absence of a tail. These cells must not be included in the estimation of the frequency of sperm with fragmented DNA. Spermatozoa with fragmented DNA: - Spermatozoa with small halo: Sperm displaying halos with a width equal to or smaller than 1/3 of the diameter of the core (referred to as "Small halo"). - Spermatozoa without halo: Sperm with no visible halo (referred to as "Without halo"). - Spermatozoa without halo and degraded: Sperm that lack a halo and exhibit irregular or weak staining of the core (referred to as "Degraded"). Order Your Sperm DNA Fragmentation Kit Today! Make the right choices on the path to parenthood. The Sperm DNA Fragmentation Kit empowers medical professionals with the knowledge needed for fertility journey. Contact us now to order your kit. We strive for a better, safer world for us and our children. SDF-ENG-PDF

Hematoxylin Gill's

The Ideal Staining Solution for Cellular Analysis Let's Work Together Flexibility in Nuclear Staining Unlock the power of precise cellular staining with Gill's Hematoxylin, meticulously formulated to provide exceptional results for both cytology and histology applications. Discover the merits of Gill's Hematoxylin and harness the chemical principles behind its effectiveness for outstanding staining outcomes. PRODUCT Gill's Hematoxylin No. 1 (Single Strength): Lower strength formulation, ideal for staining cytology specimens. Gill's Hematoxylin No. 2 (Double Strength): An intermediate formulation suitable for counterstaining in immunohistochemistry (IHC) and routine histology. Offers more intense cytological staining. Gill's Hematoxylin No. 3 (Triple Strength): The most potent formulation for intense histological staining of nuclei, significantly reducing staining times. BACKGROUND Cytomorphology, the study of cellular health and disease, is paramount in understanding cellular function and growth activity. Hematoxylin, a widely used nuclear stain, plays a vital role in visualizing cytomorphologic patterns. CHEMICAL PRINCIPLES Gill's Hematoxylin is derived from logwood extract, consisting of hematoxylin and hematein. It is effectively oxidized to hematein and combined with an iron mordant to enhance chromatin selectivity. This formulation is enriched with acidifier to maintain pH and solvent to prevent sheen formation, ensuring longer stability and controlled nuclear staining. DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Use Gill's Hematoxylin formulations at full strength. - No mixing or dilution is required. - Filtration is recommended for repeated use to control cellular cross-contamination in cytology. CYTOLOGY SPECIMEN PREPARATION - Best results with fresh, unfixed material, wet-fixed in 95% ethyl alcohol. - Air-dried cells protected by water-soluble wax should be immersed in 95% ethyl alcohol. - Maintain wet conditions for wet-fixed cells, and avoid air drying before or after fixation HISTOLOGY SECTIONS - Suitable for tissue fixed by any fixative, except those with mercuric chloride. - Removal of mercury deposits is necessary, and the process is detailed in standard histological texts. RESULTS - Chromatin is stained blue to blue-black, while nucleoli are delicately stained. - Cytoplasm is scarcely tinted, eliminating the need for acid differentiation. - Barr bodies are conspicuously stained. - Extended shelf life ensures cost-effective usage. STORAGE - Store in the dark at room temperature in tightly capped containers. - Minimize air oxidation by limiting air-space in containers. INDICATIONS OF DETERIORATION - Brown solutions indicate excessive acetic acid or overoxidization. - Purple solutions suggest diminished acetic acid, causing a loss of selectivity for chromatin. - Metallic sheen or scum formation occurs with prolonged exposure to air. - Unlock the full potential of cellular staining with Gill's Hematoxylin, a reliable choice for accurate results in cytology and histology. Trust the expertise of Gary W. Gill's formulation for your staining needs. Gill Hematoxylin ENG PDF

Formaldehyde Gel 10%

YOUR SAFEST CHOICE FOR SURGICAL SPECIMEN PRESERVATION FORMALDEHYDE GEL 10%-SAFER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND LAB TECHNICIANS A unique formula designed for storing surgical specimens. It contains a 10% formaldehyde gel solution, which is safer and less harmful to both the environment and laboratory personnel compared to traditional liquid formaldehyde solutions. In pathology laboratories, 10% formaldehyde solutions are commonly used for preserving surgical specimens and biological tissues for diagnostic purposes. However, these solutions release harmful formaldehyde vapors that can irritate the eyes and respiratory system, cause headaches, nausea, and drowsiness. Formaldehyde vapors are also classified as carcinogens by the World Health Organization (WHO). To mitigate these risks, we introduce a novel approach: formaldehyde in a gel form. This innovative formulation retains all the excellent tissuepreserving properties of formaldehyde while significantly reducing vapor levels and strong odors. This contributes to the safety of both laboratory personnel and the environment. INTRODUCING FORMALDEHYDE GEL 10Formaldehyde Gel 10% ENG PDFFormaldehyde Gel 10% ENG PDF% - 1 lt.(Ref.No.: 70154-1000) - 5 lt.(Ref.No.:70154-5000) WHY CHOOSE FORMALDEHYDE GEL 10%? - Superior Tissue Preservation: Formaldehyde Gel 10% offers the same exceptional tissue preservation properties as traditional formaldehyde solutions. - Reduced Health Risks: Say goodbye to harmful formaldehyde vapors. Our gel formulation minimizes irritations, headaches, nausea, and drowsiness associated with traditional formaldehyde. - Environmental Responsibility: We're committed to sustainability. Formaldehyde Gel 10% is safer for the environment and complies with eco-friendly standards. - Easy to Use: Ready-to-use formulation, convenient for laboratory procedures. - Customizable Volume: Our containers come in various sizesand refill options, allowing precise volume adjustments as needed. PROTECT YOUR TEAM, PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT Enhanced Safety Features: - Gel Consistency: Our gel formulation ensures proper specimen protection, minimizing spillage and leakage risks - Low Vapor Levels: Dramatically reduce formaldehyde vapor exposure, making the laboratory environment safer for technicians. - Odor Control: Say goodbye to strong formaldehyde odors; experience a more pleasant work environment. - pH Balanced: Formaldehyde Gel 10% maintains a neutral pH of 7 for optimal tissue preservation This product is intended for laboratory use only. Please follow all safety protocols and guidelines. MenidiMedica Biotech Greece is committed to environmental responsibility and product safety. Copyright © 2023 MenidiMedica Biotech Greece. All rights reserved.

Hematoxylin Harris

Τροποποιημένη αιματοξυλίνη κατά Harris για έντονη οπισθοδρομική πυρηνική χρώση στην ιστοπαθολογία. Κατάλληλη και για προοδευτική χρώση. Περιέχει ιδανική αναλογία χρωστικών. Χωρίς υδράργυρο. Βελτιωμένη διαφοροποίηση κυτταρικής δομής. Γρηγορότερη προετοιμασία κυτταρολογικών δειγμάτων. Διαθέσιμες συσκευασίες: 1 lt.(Ref.No.:70430-1000), 5 lt.(Ref.No.:70430-5000) .