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Peroxide Value in Fats & Oil

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Ref.No: 89010

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Quantitative detection of Peroxide Value (P.V.) in fats and oil

Our kit method detects the determination of peroxide values for animal oils and fats, vegetable oils and fats, as well as for flavour and fragrance materials. The peroxide value is a parameter specifying the content of oxygen as peroxide, especially hydro peroxides in a substance. The peroxide value is a measure of the oxidation present. MenidiMedica Biotech’s method shows a very good correlation with AOCS Official Method Cd 8-53.

Furthermore, P.V. was determined using Electra m2 Unified Analyzer and the UKAS accredited titration method used by Campden BRI (Campden BRI Method TES-AC-360). The data for P.V. using Electra m2 Unified Analyzer was found to be very consistent with good reproducibility across the triplicate runs and the correlation between the two methods is good.

Ref.No: 89010 – 50 tests/kit, 24 months at 2-30°C
5 x R1 —> 0.5 mL. with distilled water
R2A – 1.25 mL.
R2B – 1.25 mL.
R3 – 0.05 mL.
R4 – 490 mL.

Reagent Preparation
R1: Each vial of lyophylized R1 is adequate for 10 exams. Reconstitute R1 with 500 uL. distilled water. The solution is stable for 30 days.
WR2: Mix equal quantities of R2A and R2B with R3 at a ratio 50:1, mix gently. Centrifuge the solution at 3000 rpm for 3 minutes and collect the supernatant. Label it as WR2, the solution is stable for 10 days at RT.
R3: Ready to use, Handle with caution, use gloves
R4: Ready to use
*Note: R2A and R2B are photosensitive, store in a dark place.

Test procedure
Mix 9.8 mL. of reagent R4 with 0.1 gr. of sample, mix gently for 3 seconds. Add 50 uL. R1 and mix gently for 3 seconds. Then, add 50 uL. of WR2 and mix gently for 3 seconds. Incubate 5 miutes at RT and read results in Electra m2 Unified Analyzer choosing the parameter P.V. in Foods.

The kit is stable for 2 years from the production date. Store it at RT away from direct sunlight.

The assay is compatible with all the available commercial spectrophotometers. For instructions, contact MenidiMedica Biotech or an authorized representative.



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